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Great! I was struggling for years with my weight. This really worked for me! I lost 15 pds in a month! I am so excited!! ? 15 more pds to go! I would definately reccomend Vortex Wellness to others. Friendly and professional staff. Nice atomphere. Cost is reasonable. I so glad I went there! Trish H

I was very impressed with the quality of information the staff presents The Doctors have excellent bedside manner as well as they were VERY serious about patient education Please Support this place You wont be disppointed however if you dont apply the information given then you can only hold yourself accountable. Kala E.

I had a very pleasant experience while I was there. I read some of the reviews and my visit was the exact opposite of a few of them. I was not there long, all of my questions were answered, so I can’t complain. They do offer other supplements; however,they aren’t mandatory. If you only want to use the Groupon and not add anything, that’s completely feasible. Candace M.

I am pleased with the service and the results I have received from the Vortex Wellness weight loss program. I was so pleased that I referred a friend who is currently on the same program. Chrislyn

Fast, friendly and courteous. I was extremely happy with the results of their services and product and would recommend them to others. If not for the Groupon I would have ever known they existed. Dania M

Be sure to block out a couple of hours, upwards of 3 hours, for your visit. You do obtain lots of valuable information and a very personable experience. Dr. Harris is very down to earth and informative. Mattie

Great staff.. I love the office happy with my visit will continue to go and refer others. Deborah M.

Nice staff and very effective weight loss package. I lost 13lbs in a month and feel great! Allison O.

Pretty straightforward and honest. So far I’ve been pleased with the service and results. Jennifer F.

I like the diet and it works better than most things I’ve tried. The addipex pills are the best! I have never had a diet pill that is as effective at suprressing my appetite! Anasthesia E.

Dr. Harris and his staff are extremely personable and pleasant- I truly appreciate a no-muss no-fuss office that doesn’t sugar coat or try to sell you the world. My visit was informative and to the point- I will be back. Meaghan G.

The place was awesome, the downfall is trying to get your second appointment. Make it before you leave the place otherwise you spend several weeks trying to get that appointment. Kim G.

The staff was very friendly. The product and how to use it was explained very well. And I lost 10 lbs in the first two weeks. DeeDee A.

Dr. Harris was great and spent a lot of time with me to make sure I understood the diet plans and how it works. Already have more energy! Rebecca H.

Very helpful staff … Clean environment … Quick service … Nada K.

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